The overall objective is to: (i) identify, protect and preserve cultural heritage of the cross-border area through highlighting content included in rare, very old, but too significant assets included in the Libraries. (ii) Act as an attractive touristic package that results to a common reference point for all tourists visiting the area in order to have an in-depth experience with tangible and intangible assets and better understand the traditions, history and culture of people living in the area.

Thus, VirtuaLand addresses the programme’s overall objective and the SO 2.1:

• (O1) Attract new audience, since books are not always readable or attractive specifically to young people.

• (O2) Overcome language barriers and bridge cultural assets that are written in different languages. English are used to bridge lingual diversity, but not always successfully, since are not readable by non-English speakers that represent a large portion of people living or visiting the CB area.

• (O3) Increase the capacity of tour agents and operators in promoting their local and regional identities, by equipping them with ready-to-use 3D objects and a VR platform in order to build additional scenarios and packages despite having limiting development knowledge.

• (O4) Improve the visibility of cultural assets and natural wealth of the participating areas. Users will be able not only to consume information stored in the assets of interest, but also to “live” into another time period, identify the living conditions of that period and interact with people, enhancing the experience of a tourist visiting the CB area.

• (O5) Result to a common brand name between Greece and Albania, the “VirtuaLand” brand that will include VR packages, embedding interactive virtual environment to promote the common natural, cultural and historical identity of the area of interest.