The main outputs are:

• One launching and one closing event to inform beneficiaries about the VirtuaLand VR content and technological solution. Also, additional promotion events are organized for tourists and professionals in the tourism sector, such as 2 fam and press demonstration trips and 2 VR Infrastructure demonstration activities (one at each country).

• Publicity material development (leaflets and a website with translations in Greek, Albanian and English).

• A video series of 3 small duration promotional video spots, a press kit that will be distributed in 2 international exhibitions as well as a press tour and other publicity material.

• An open Virtual Reality (VR) platform that will be easily utilised by tourism professionals to create and publish touristic packages in the VR environment.

• Five (5) VR interactive scenarios that will be based in content included in Cultural Heritage Objects with cross-border (CB) interest.

The content will be chosen in the beginning of the project by historians, ethnographers and folklorists by the Universities of Ioannina and Gjirokaster based on the rarity, sensitivity and significance of the assets that represent the environment and living conditions of several eras in history.

• A Library with more than 100 different 3D objects, in order to be utilised by tourism professionals and extend the scenarios resulting to interactive VR scenarios for tourists exploring the cultural and natural heritage of the CB area.

• Two VR Halls (one in Greece and one in Albania), fully equipped at least with 20 VR kits each and the needed equipment and infrastructure in order to demonstrate the VR created content to groups of tourists that are visiting the area. The result will be enhanced user experience and a first contact with the habits, heritage, history and culture of people living in the CB area of interest.