Project Management & Coordination
Preparation Activities
Project Management and meetings
Project and financial reports
Verification of Expenditures
Communication & Dissemination
Project Website and Social Media
Launching and Closing Event
Project Communication Plan
Press Kit, Publicity activities on Media and Internet Marketing
International Project Promotion and Publicity Activities
Tourism Exhibitions
VirtuaLand Content Library and 3D objects
Capturing the assets imported in the scenarios
Identifying the environment and the script of the scenarios
3D objects implementation
Best practices to identify places and assets with touristic interest
Virtual Reality Open Platform and Functionalities
Interfaces and Functional Specifications of the platform
VirtuaLand Platform Implementation and Testing
VR Scenarios Development
Training and Exploitation
Fam, Press and VR Demonstration Trips
Training of tourism professionals in VR platform
VirtuaLand VR Halls
Common CB Strategy to exploit VirtuaLand